Racism: Twitter Tracks It & Students Watch It.


:0! Social media becomes a catalyst for all the wrong thoughts sometimes!!

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By Jueseppi B.
By Jueseppi B.


Twitter Hate Speech Map Pinpoints Racist, Homophobic Hotspots Across U.S.



The most hateful tweeters in the United States tend to live in the eastern half of the country, according to a new map that pinpoints hate speech from Twitter across country.


The map, created by geography students at Humboldt State University in California, looks at more than 150,000 geocoded tweets (tweets that say where the user is located) between June 2012 and April 2013, sorting for those that contained a racist, homophobic or anti-disability word. The researchers then decided whether or not the tweet was using the word in a hateful way.



Explore the map for yourself on the project’s website.


According to our analysis: A majority of hateful tweets are coming from smaller towns and more rural areas. For example, some of the…

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Orange Is the New Black Season 2: The Best Thing on TV This Month


TV Binge tonight!!! #OITNB

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I binge-watched season one of Orange Is The New Black in 24 hours when it released on Netflix last year. Actually, make that 13 hours. I was hooked from pilot and literally didn’t stop watching till the end of the final episode.Read more…
June 09, 2014 at 05:40AM


By Deepak verma

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Only Rich Kids Should Go to College



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Should only rich kids go to college? It seems like an absurd question. Yet evidence keeps mounting that, financially speaking, if you must borrow to pay for college you might be just as well off skipping higher education and going straight to work.

Some 37% of American households headed by an adult under the age of 40 have student loans outstanding—the highest share ever, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center. Their median student debt: $13,000. College loans in total run about $1 trillion and the Pew findings show that this burden weighs heavily on the finances of young Americans.

Households headed by a young college graduate with student loans outstanding have a typical net worth of just $8,700—a pittance compared to the typical $64,700 net worth of similar households only with no student loans outstanding. But that’s just the start. Those with student loans have total…

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Pomegranate, lime and rose sorbet.


A summer MUST!

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No posts for a while, and i have the usual excuses for non-frequent blogging that can be summed up by saying “sometime life be cray cray”. But sometimes you need to take a day out from all the cray and spend some time stirring sorbet at regular intervals. It’s very therapeutic ya know.

I love this recipe, cause, well, i cant commit to buying an ice cream maker (one of many, many life problems). You can easily switch this up by using raspberry juice or whatever juice has been sitting, neglected, in a tetra pack carton at the back of your fridge. Switch up the flavors and make this recipe your own, if you choose to go with the rose/pomegranate/lime combo however, you are left with a sorbet that makes a beautifully fragrant pallet cleanser after a fiery meal. So chillax with a glass of something and eat the whole…

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Top 5 Mistakes we’ve Made & how you can Learn from them


FYI, sunday!

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1. Not enough communication
Communication in any relationship is key but especially in a romantic one because this is the individual that you are spending the majority of your time around and with. In the beginning of any relationship, there’s that period of intense interest, in discussing and learning about one another, and the foundation of your relationship is built on that—as you become serious and start to incorporate changes into both of your lives, you might notice that there is a lack of communication from when you first started. Shifts, such as business at work, starting a family, and the standard routine that you’ve fallen into can create a lack of communication, causing your relationship to experience more than necessary unwarranted arguing. We noticed a lack of communication when we would randomly start arguing over minor things allowing the stress of what’s happening outside of our relationship to influence…

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The Kaleesi Burger

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“Moon of my Stars”… “Mother of Dragons”… Call this smoldering dinosaur kale burger what you will, just don’t call it weak. Smokey morsels of crisped shiitake “bacon,” crown a regal beet gratin, smothered in Red Dragon cheese on top of a crunchy, berberre-rubbed kale patty, heirloom tomato, and slathering of sumac aioli. Dracarys! (Translation: “Fuck raw horse heart!”)

serious h/t to  J. Kenji Lopez for the mushroom bacon

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Thanks to Vito Russo!!


Reminiscing as I stroll down 68th and Lex, I think to myself how lucky can i be I am one of the first

and few students who is taking LGBT documentary at Hunter College.

Every Friday has been an experience where we not only learn  about the struggles of

our true American Heroes that paved the way for the many of us who identify ourselves as IQTGBL,

but because LGBT DOC essentially takes us as close as possible to a time (not so far from today )

where being queer or homosexual was a socially- morally-metaly  and religious disgrace.

From the The Homosexuals airing for the first time on CBS to Riots Before and After stone wall

to the beautiful exotic Kate Bernstein.

The idea behind many LGBT documentaries was to expose the human individual as they are

queer and pretty much a equal and normal human.

More often-ly as brave intellectuals, adventurous and unafraid to share their most private memories.

Today we viewed VITO, where the Life of activist Vito Russo was captured to the nearest

true reflection of who he was. Vito Russo was a major leader who influenced thousands of Americans

and  activists who dedicated their lives to bring equality, ultimately demanding our rights when we

needed them most.

Vito, fiercely sophisticated, demanded that  the LGBT community should receive the same

individual human rights that they needed

to protect themselves when hate crime along with intense discrimination was at its highest.

Targeting non-heterosexuals.

As I researched Reviews for Vito

I find a  review from a T.V reviewer of The Washington Post, who in a very tacky manner discredits Vito’s Hard work saying the following un-pleasantries:

“the heartbreak of AIDS intrudes in the ’80s. Russo loses the love of his life, watches his own health decline and joins Larry Kramer and others in a desperate and outraged cry for research dollars and government action. Here, “Vito” exchanges its subtle storytelling technique for a sobering session of gay rights homework, resembling a recent raft of documentaries about the early years of the AIDS crisis.A pivotal event in Vito’s Life was when his partner was sick, he had been infected with AIDS.”

“It ends, of course, with Russo’s death and a bunch of people wishing like crazy that he was still here, fighting the fight and taking his friends to the movies.”

“The things that you think are going to take 10 years take 100 years,” said gay rights activist and film historian Vito Russo. He said it to a camera, with some measure of lament, during an interview that took place more than two decades ago but feels as if it happened a thousand years ago.”

As I read this his review, I was sadden, disgusted and reminded that we have yet so much more to do as

LGBTQI activists.

What if Vito, and I will quote Mr.ST(f)Uever, a bunch of his crazy friends did exactly as Hank Stuever (nothing);

How could he have ever introduce the need of  AID/HIV awareness to the public,

How would we have ever forced our government to become responsible for the thousands, if not more,  deaths that could have been prevented if not eased with at least some , if only.

Already involved with the Aids crisis movement when his partner was diagnosed positive,

Vito and other influentials such as Jewelle Gomez initiated GLADD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

The main purpose of such alliance was because The New York Post “against what it saw as the New York Post’s defamatory and sensationalized AIDS coverage, GLAAD put pressure on media organizations to end what it saw as homophobic reporting”. (GLAAD)

P.S If HANK Stueuer reads this, i just want you to know that thanks to VITO you became a bit relevant to the  Media and Film Department &  W&G studies as  yet another idealist moron who believes and writes that we now live in a Post-Queer Society! Go read a Newspaper  (obviously not T.W.P)